CIS powder coating ovens provide a consistent, high quality industrial curing on parts coated with an innovative one-step process of powder primer and powder topcoat.
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Catalytic Infrared saves substantial energy and process time compared with electric infrared or convection ovens.



Catalytic Paint Curing Ovens Provide Highest Quality Results

Detailed Project Profiles
Quad States
Deere Hitachi
Ameristar Fence
Quad States Finishing is a prominent finishing systems integrator, as well as a distributor
of paint and powder line equipment, peripherals, controls, and material handling.
"Our mission," says Director of Sales for Industrial Equipment Norbert Evans, "is working with manufacturers of farm equipment, white goods and other products in designing, configuring and installing great finishing systems."

Quad States (Orange City, Iowa) has partnered with CIS for nearly two decades, serving companies such as Northern Plains Finishing, a part of the Owen Industries family of companies. NPF was established by Owen when major customers, most notably John Deere, began requiring painted parts from their suppliers.

NPF is a Level Two Approved Finishing Facility that coats a wide range of part sizes and shapes, and had stringent requirements for finish quality. "NPF purchased a CIS powder coating oven for the facility," says Evans, "and that has been key to achieving the high quality, and highly consistent paint finish required by their customers."

Recently, according to Evans, Case IH, and other OEMs also began requiring finished parts. "At John Deere," he explains, "they're applying powder primer with powder topcoat, in one process – a relatively new idea that is producing substantial savings in process time."

The CIS IR /convection combination oven minimizes the floor space you need for the gel and cure stages, according to Evans. "From how it works, to service, warranty and service life, it's the alternative we recommend."

It also requires very little maintenance. "I've worked with infrared ovens made by various manufacturers for 25 years," says Evans. "The fact is, with competitors' IR, the longevity is not there. CIS has the fabrication technology and knowledge to do what's needed, so the powder coating systems have staying power in the field.

"We used to sell many forced air drying ovens for coatings that did not need a gel stage," says Evans. "But recently, the industry has moved to IR curing for liquid and powder. The reason is, quality standards are higher, and that, along with the energy cost factor, which clearly favors infrared, makes a strong case for CIS powder coating ovens."

High quality cure results of catalytic industrial system powder coat oven curing system.

CIS powder coating ovens provide a consistent, high quality cure on parts coated with an innovative one-step process of powder primer and powder topcoat.


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